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“Education is one of the powerful tools which make a man into a complete human. I have been endowed with the responsibility of heading one of the premier educational institutions of the country. I am proud to be bestowed with the mantle of Principal and I invoke God's blessing in making this institution a greater one with all his graces. With the support of the Gurukul Public School Staff, the Old Boys Association, the state authorities and the wishes of the well wishers, I am sure this school will reach its goal of sending more children to CBSE.”.
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Dr. Sasmita Tripathy

Education is a process of teaching learning relationship that encompasses all generations. Each one of us teaches something to the other and also learns from another. The present generation is the one which is currently in schools but this generation is the one who is training the elderlies with the techno rich modalities. And it's the older generation that is a storehouse of values, stories and knowledge that education holds within its framework and imparts it to the growing up generation.

Education is thus a link between the glorious past and a step forward to a bright future. It weaves the fabric of awareness, logical reasoning, analytical thinking and empathetic understanding that is interwoven with the thread of the social co-existence. This enables generations to be future ready as they exist in a symbiotic environment.

In this highly competitive world, Gurukul Public School Jajpur stands as a beacon, providing unbounded access to information that can be transformed into comprehensive and indispensable knowledge to keep pace with the dynamically changing world, it prepares students to be rounded personalities steeped in Indian values but with a global outlook.